Enova offers a range of IT services to suit your unique needs.
We have the technical and business expertise you can rely on.


We provide the technical knowledge to setup IT solutions aligned with your goals and objectives.


Enova provides a large portfolio of smart applications especially for Healthcare sector.
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In every industry, all firms depend on their innovation capacity.
We help in designing innovative solutions and bringing your ideas to life


Since 2006 and until now, we are providing our services in different sectors.

    We are designing, developing and improving governmental IT systems. We provide consulting and custom development services to implement citizen-centric eGovernment services and design the transition to e-governance and paperless management.


    For 12 years, Enova has been providing IT development services for offshore customers. We help our customers in defense area in developing modern software factories based on models to maintain complex systems.

    We have worked during more than twelve years with companies as their custom software development partner.
    We design, develop, implement, and launch web, cloud, and back-end applications.
    We deliver releases faster through our modern software factory.
    We also provide on going support services to keep application updates throughout its lifecycle.

    We have extensive experience working with major healthcare organisations in Morocco. Our teams of consultants and developers have worked among the healthcare problematics to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and improve quality.We have developed Software and IT infrastructure solutions required to meet the challenges of healthcare reform using open source technology.

    Since 2006, our portfolio has grown to include:

      Laboratory Information and Management System
      Blood bank
      Tissus and cells bank
      Medical analysis laboratories
      Laboratory of pathological anatomy
      Hospital Billing systems
      Global HR management Solution for Healthcare
      In progress : National wide project of patient record

    Enova has developed its own cloud platform to gather information for multiple sensors and provide smart added value services.


    Our consultants provide strong support with both flexibility and agility for clients R&D projects. We helped in designing and developing IT components for an innovative oil exploration system based on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.

We always think from our clients' perspectives.
That's why they love us and keep coming back.


  • I have had the immense honor and privilege of knowing Enova since its beginnings in the field of health informatics. This company, which I personally consider a national pride, has developed and marketed products that have nothing to envy to foreign solutions but are much more expensive. Enova has successfully met the challenge of offering local, integrated and standards-compliant solutions, while providing local support at an unprecedented level. A safe bet!

    Dr Saad CHAACHO, Cheikh Khalifa Hospital

  • I have known Enova from the beginning of their operations. I always had interest in their business, and above all in the technology that they have continuously deployed to ensure true competitive advantage. In 2015, I discovered their offering of information system for medical analysis labs to automate their operations. Beyond the quality of the system, and the visible satisfaction of their customers, I was amazed to discover that the directors of the company spent 3 months as basic workers in a medical analysis lab, to understand the business processes in all details and then, generate accurate and pertinent specifications of their information system. As the EVP technology of a large seismic service company, I contracted Enova in 2015 to use the same approach to develop a Command and Control software suite for a new generation of marine seismic acquisition, featuring tens of self-propelled underwater drones operating simultaneously. Enova did extremely well and, controlled by their software suite, the mission was a real success, rated with an 87% satisfaction score by the demanding customer. To conclude, I have no doubt that Enova will grow and develop its business, but will keep its ability to remain agile and technology oriented to always bring the highest value to their customers.

    Thierry Brizard, SeaBed GeoSolutions SAS, President.

Meet Our Team

We all come from varied backgrounds and all have different strengths. We are engineers, consultants and leaders dedicated to help you solving your problems using open-source technology and user-centered design.

Meet Our Team

We build software solutions that deliver personalized and unique user experiences ensuring higher life-time value.


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